Early adopters love Twitter and Google+.

But in the real world, normal consumers only care about Facebook.
Besides boasting 845 million people, you can also find virtually any demographic on Facebook. So no matter what business you’re in, you must have a strong Facebook presence.
Growing your audience takes time, but it isn’t rocket science. And you don’t need to spend a dime on advertising.
Here are 10 easy, effective ways to get more Facebook fans immediately.

1. Funnel Fans

If you’re just starting to build your Facebook page, then start by funneling traffic from another source.

Use whatever marketing asset you have, like your website traffic or email list, and start promoting your brand new Facebook page.

You typically don’t want to be guilty of digital-sharecropping. But in the beginning, there’s no better way to generate traffic.

2. Incentivize the Opt-In

Once you get people to your page, what’s in it for them?

People will only visit your page if they’re interested in you, and they’ll only Like your page if the trust you. So give them some incentive to stick around.

Maybe that’s a special discount, or some exclusive content. It should be something special, valuable, and not available anywhere else.
3. Inspire Engagement

The most important aspect of Facebook is engagement.
Don’t worry about the number of Fans.
Engagement is the key to organically grow your page through viral reach.

But to do that, you need to defeat EdgeRank and increase the amount of people you can actually reach. Here are some tips to increase engagement:

    * Use a personal tone
    * Always use a call-to-action
    * Spark an emotional response or debate
    * Post during peak hours

4. Mine Your Data

You should be updating your Facebook page at least once or twice each day.
After building an audience and sharing content regularly, you should start to see what works, and what doesn’t.
The key to virally growing your Facebook fan page is by doing more of what people like, and less of what they don’t.
So look through your Facebook Insights and find out what your audience loves, and what they could live without.

5. Product Giveaway

One of the fastest ways to build awareness and grow an audience is through promotions.
People today don’t want to sit on the sideliness and passively watch. They want to interact and be a part of the excitement.
But remember to match it with your social media goals.
Do you want to grow your brand? Then run a sweepstakes or giveaway and make it as easy as possible for people to enter.
If you want to maximize engagement, then hold a contest where people have to take action and join the discussion.
The best way to keep it inexpensive is to give away your own products and services.

6. Partner with Others

One of the guaranteed ways to get more customers is to get referrals and recommendations from others.
Look for partners who are complementary to your business, and who have customers that would be interested in your product or service as well.
You want to get involved in other communities, and have these other influential people do your selling for you.
A great example is to run a promotion, where you pay for the costs and manage everything. Your partner’s job is to help you promote it to their own audience.

7. Always Involve Bloggers

Every social media marketing campaign should involve bloggers.
Social media is the new PR.
Whether they get free access to an event or products to review, you need people talking about your brand online.
Find the influencers in your niche, and continue to reach out to them and establish a relationship.
Follow up with them on Facebook and encourage them to get involved in your community as well.
If you’re running a promotion, figure out how you can get these bloggers involved, or have them be your personal spokespeople.
Remember, the best selling is always done by third parties on your behalf.

8. Hold Offline Events and Tag Attendees

Hosting offline events is a great way to engage people and get to know them better.
It can also become a great viral tactic.
Take lots of photos and even video during your event. Then post this content on your page, and “tag” all of the people there.
It will send notifications to each person, and continue the engagement with each individual.

9. Friend Your Customers

This may not work on a large scale with millions of users or past customers.
But a lot of small and medium-sized businesses could use Facebook as their CRM.
At the end of each week, take a list of your new customers and try to find them.
There are 845 million people on Facebook…so you’ll probably find them if you look hard enough.
Become friends, and invite them to join the community on your Facebook page.

10. Run a Viral Promotion

Regular promotions work well.
But viral ones are even better.
The difference? Run promotions with a viral element, that has people share involve their friends or social graph.
The best example is to have people vote, and the winner will have the most votes or Likes at the end of the competition.
You’ll get friends-of-friends involved, and it will dramatically increase your reach.
Growing your Facebook page isn’t hard. But it takes consistency.
You need to focus on providing value for your audience, and then try different tactics to see what works best.


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