When we said that our electric cars were as green as the energy they used in our pros and cons of electric cars, that’s exactly what we meant. Now, a group of American researchers has come up with an interesting study suggesting that electric cars in China are contributing to more pollution than internal combustion cars.

This is because China generates 85% of its electricity from the classic source – fossil fuel, and the majority of all electricity is still generated from coal. Getting them to sign the green deal? Hmm, you remember what happened when Obama last tried that.

Electric cars are very popular in China, especially in large cities. There are many factories making predominantly knock-off and look-alike electric cars.

The American scientists have successfully challenged the assumption that electric cars are more eco friendly only because there are no tailpipe emissions. In the case of China, the bad emissions are generated at the coal-fuelled powerplants.

The study would have produced different results in Europe because we’re more conscious about the environment and an increased proportion of electricity is now generated from green sources.

Font i fotografia: notícia de www.electriccarnews.co.uk  17/02/2012