The FP4BATIW project offers 18 travel bursaries (11 from MPC to EU and 7 from EU to MPC) to promote the EU & MPC individuals’ mobility as well as encourage contacts between institutions to joint participation in the H2020 programme.

The mobility schemes are addressed to entrepreneurs, experienced engineers and researchers from MCP and EU that are actually working on the water treatment sector, have a good scientific level and English language skills to successfully push the knowledge transfer once returned to homeland.

The corresponding mobility schemes will cover the travel and accommodation expenses, per diem and other expenses such as conferences fee, visa or taxes, paid by the beneficiaries to perform a mission on the region of interest. In such missions it is planned to visit laboratories/institutions/associations, clusters/networks and water treatment sector related companies as well as arrangement of meetings with other potential Water-KIC members in the hosting country. Each mobility scheme will cover costs up to a maximum of 2600 € per individual.

The first mobility from MPC to EU will take place in October 2014 in Tuscany Region, Italy.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 31 August 2014. Applicants must submit a completed application form along with the required documentation within the indicated deadlines through this website.

Source: web FP4BATIW