The ALBA Synchrotron has published the results of the last call for proposals with a new record: a total of 250 proposals (a 34% increase over 2013 call). ALBA has received more than double of proposals to be allocated: 128 of them have been granted, representing an overbooking of 2.3 in terms of requested and allocated shifts. Granted experiments will be performed from May to December 2014 in the seven beamlines of ALBA.

ALBA has closed 2014 call for proposals with a record of participation, receiving 34% more proposals than in previous call. 128 proposals (1.389 shifts) have been granted out of the total of 250 proposals (3.153 shifts) submitted. 

Most of the granted experiments belong to Spanish institutions (73%), followed by European countries (25%) and international organizations (2%). This 2014 call will bring to ALBA first users from Argentina and Russia. 

31% of ALBA beamtime will be dedicated to the area of Materials Science, 18% to Hard Condensed Matter, Electronic and Magnetic properties, 14% to Chemistry, 14% to Biology, 13% to Macromolecular Crystallography, 9% to Soft Condensed Matter and 1% to Environment and Cultural Heritage.

Most demanded beamlines have been BL04-MSPD, BL24-CIRCE and BL22-CLAESS although the percentage of use per beamline is equally distributed.

These experiments will be scheduled during the 2014 cycle, from May to December 2014.

All the proposals have been evaluated by a panel, composed by international experts from different research areas. The panel evaluation results on a ranking based on scientific excellence criteria.

Source: web Cells